Spur Jewelry

Spur Jewelry

Our very first Spur actually had humble beginnings as an element of another design –– the Star Necklace, EMBLM’s first Numeral Pendant design. By removing the Twelve Point Star from that pendant, the foundation of our spur jewelry collection was born.  

From there the rest is history. Shortly after launching the EMBLM website at the beginning of 2020, we discovered that our small but loyal group of supporters absolutely loved the Spur shape. Each person we heard from seemed to gravitate towards the shape for a different reason. Before long, the excitement about our Spurs reached beyond our immediate circle and it became clear that our Spur earrings had become our signature design.
Since its inception, our Spur Collection has expanded significantly. The entire Peristome Collection came to life when we decided to use our spur dimensions to create a prong setting. Last year we released our Spur Hoops and Baby Spur Hoops, available with and without pave diamonds.  We will continue to be inspired by the twelve point star shape.

Now, more on the name. Spurs – what are they? Are they still used in Western horseback riding? Do they hurt horses? 

Here’s what we found on the subject. For those without previous knowledge of how Spurs are used in equestrian culture (us), Spurs are actually the whole device, including the spiked wheel (called a “rowel”) that gave our Spur jewelry its name. Spurs are used to “spur on” or “encourage” the horse forward. When used correctly and by an experienced rider, Spurs will not harm the horses during use

We obviously loved the word Spur for its literal reference to the physical object, but also for its reference to the encouragement of forward movement. Our Spur jewelry is a reminder that in the face of fear or perceived obstacles, we can encourage ourselves and each other to press on and continue venturing into the unknown with tenacity and courage.

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