Peristome Collection

Peristome Collection

The Peristome Collection came to life when we paired Emily’s idea for a prong setting using our spur design with beautiful, hand selected rustic diamonds in earthy moss green and golden browns. 

Naming our pieces can be a challenge sometimes, especially when a piece evokes something very specific for us but we don’t yet have the words to express the feeling. We knew the rustic diamonds we found reminded us of the woodland flora, a forest floor, something mysterious yet inviting. Venus fly traps came to mind as well as ferns, mosses, fungi when finally we discovered peristomes!

The word Per·i·stome originated in Latin with “peri” meaning around and “stoma” meaning mouth. A Peristome is the fringe found around the mouth of certain mosses and fungi. Not only was the shape of certain peristomes reflective of our spur prong setting, they also exist within the biome that inspired the use of rustic diamonds for this collection. 

Having both worked in fashion retail and having intimate knowledge of the fickleness of trends, we founded EMBLM with the understanding that fine jewelry can stand the test of time. Made of nature’s treasures, fine jewelry is often passed down through generations, can hold symbolic meaning over time and retains inherent value. The Peristome Collection is a reminder that we are connected to everything that exists within the natural cycle of life.

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